Fry/Saute Pans

Cook Low Fat With Eco-safe, High Performance ThriveShield

You work hard to feed your family healthy meals. Shopping for the best ingredients, limiting snacks, and including fruits and vegetables in your diet are important steps toward a healthy lifestyle. But did you know your cookware can also impact your family's health?

Many pots and pans use a non-stick coating made of controversial PTFE, which some studies have shown to release a toxic gas when overheated or as it begins to degrade. Imagine, all the effort you put into your meals, and you could be inadvertently feeding your family foods laced with toxins.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the convenience of non-stick cookware without dangerous chemicals. ThriveShield is a high-performance mineral coating that offers numerous benefits:

8.5", 10.5" & 13.5" Fry Pans

Ceramic coating makes cooking and cleaning easy. These pans are ideal for pan frying, sauteing, searing and browning, with a flat bottom and curved sides that make tossing and flipping food easy. The largest pan has a short side handle for easy lifting.

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